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Easy Kid's Craft Ideas

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Easy Kid's Craft Ideas

Easy Kid's Craft Ideas - How to make bubbles and a bubble blower

With summer fast approaching kids will enjoy playing outside on a warm day. Sure, they will enjoy swimming, and eating snow cones but kids also enjoy playing with bubbles. Goodness, even most adults enjoy playing with bubbles! How about having the kids make their own bubbles and bubble blower? This will be a fun craft for them to make and enjoy afterwards.

Materials Needed for Bubbles:

1/2 cup Dish soap
1 1/2 cups Water
2 teaspoons Sugar
Medium sized mixing bowl or cup
Jar with lid

Materials Needed for Bubble Blower:

1 Drinking straw (2 if you cut the pop holder into smaller parts)
1 six pack soda pop holder plastic deal (the six ring things that go around the soda pop cans)
Scotch tape
Pan (to pour bubbles into)

How To Make Bubbles:

Mix all 3 ingredients together. Don't stir or shake too much.
Store in the jar with lid.

How To Make the Bubble Blower:

Tape the holder to the straw.
Pour bubbles into pan.
Dip into bubbles and twirl around. Makes a lot of big bubbles.
You can cut the soda pop can holder ring thing into two 2's if you would like

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