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Easy Kid's Craft Ideas

Learn Easy Kid's Craft Ideas that will be fun for your child. Let their creativity shine!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Easy Kid's Craft Ideas

Easy Kid's Craft Ideas - Baby's First Vase

This craft is going to require adult supervision. But this craft could be so neat for you to make with your child especially if you are expecting a new baby. This will help your child to get excited about the arrival of the baby and at the same time give your child a feeling of accomplishment.

Baby's First Vase

Materials Needed:

Glue (make sure the glue will adhere to glass and paper)
baby themed scrapbook paper
matching ribbon


1. Cut scrapbook paper to fit around vase.

2. Apply glue to back of paper and wrap around vase.

3. Glue ribbon on topo of paper and embellish with gemstones. Let dry.

4. Insert flowers.

Have fun!

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Easy Kid's Craft Ideas


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